Shipping Boxes – Kraft (Brown)

Print your logo, messaging or a full-color image on your box for a unique and professional look. Standard shipping box, where the flaps fold down and meet in the middle. Tape or glue must be used to seal carton.

  • Rustic brown Kraft cardboard with a raw, natural look
  • Interior, exterior, and flute are made of brown Kraft
  • Ideal for brands promoting natural products & ingredients

Shipping Boxes – Kraft (Brown) Corrugated Cardboard

When you use custom kraft brown packaging shipping boxes for your products, you get both a cost-saving packaging solution and an extra opportunity to get your brand noticed. Our heavy-duty Kraft shipping boxes are designed to help keep your products safe and looking great – in transit and storage. No matter what products you’re shipping, custom Kraft box is a classic packaging solution across every industry.

This natural brown Kraft box is made from pulverized and blended wood pulp rolled into brown filament. A limited amount of chemical processing and treatment means custom Kraft packaging boxes are completely biodegradable and can return to the earth the same way they came. Beyond superior sustainability, these boxes boast another major asset, they’re strong enough to handle the rough journey that awaits them.

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